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PhotoSync Companion 4.0.1 for Windows released

Fixed a bug that PhotoSync could no longer send to Android devices

PhotoSync Companion 4.0 for Windows released

PhotoSync Companion 4.0 for Windows contains the following improvements:
NEW When transferring to iOS devices running PhotoSync 4.0, albums on iOS are now automatically created for folders on Windows
Fixed reported startup crashes
Fixed problems that sometimes occurred downloading the Bonjour installer and added the Bonjour installer into the PhotoSync installer archive

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.7 for Windows released

Fixed reported startup crashes that were caused by corrupted settings files or problems with the update of a settings file
Fixed reported crashes modifying the app settings
Fixed reported startup crashes that were caused by a network connection check when the Network List Service is deactivated on the Windows computer

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.6 for Windows released

Fixed a problem that PhotoSync crashed instantly on startup on some devices maybe due to a corrupted settings file. This crash will be prevented and a new default settings file will be generated.

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.5 for Windows released

Fix: Fixed a problem that PhotoSync wasn't terminated completely on quit. This now happens always when you quit the app.
Fix: Changed the crash reporting from email-reporting to a file upload

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.4 for Windows released

Fix: Fixed a crash trying to get the parent folder of a group of dragged files when there are characters used that are not allowed
Fix: Fixed the crash reporter and removed debug mode from the release version to prevent the app from crashing on internal errors
New: Added XMP files as possible file extension for sending photos

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.3 for Windows released

Fix: Fixed random crashes that can occur caused by the network connection checks
Fix: Fixed crashes that can occur selecting a new receive folder in the settings
Fix: Fixed crashes when URLs are sent to PhotoSync instead of files

PhotoSync Companion 3.3.2 for Windows released

Fix: Fixed crashes on non-Wi-Fi systems when the network connectivity check was run
NEW: Additional startup setting to switch off the network connectivity checks in case you are aware of the fact that you are running a public network connection
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@mstum @photosync_app Thanks. My brief experience has been similar so far. Just what I need to do a photo cleanup.
@brianly @photosync_app Very, very well! It’s now just a matter of opening the app, pressing one button, waiting fo…
@mstum @photosync_app How has this been working out for you?