How to change the Windows 8 network type from Public to Private

How to change the Windows 8 network type from Public to Private

How to change the Windows 8 network type from Public to Private

Most people don't know that the public setting for your Windows network has severe consequences for your reachability and connectivity in your local network. When public, your Windows computer behaves exactly like you’re on a public connection, like at an airport or hotel Wi-Fi. While this is a welcome feature when you're at these places, it prevents your computer from any communication with other devices in your local network which is not helpful if you are trying to transfer some photos between your mobile and your computer for example. The following steps show you how to change your network type from "Public" to "Private" on Windows 8:

  1. Go to the Desktop and right-click on the Network icon

    Figure 1. Network icon
    Network icon


  2. Left-click Open Network and Sharing Center


    Figure 2. Open Network and Sharing Center
    Open Network and Sharing Center



  3. Check if Network and Sharing Center shows your Network as a Public network when you're at home


    Figure 3. Check network type
    Check network type



  4. Click on Change advanced sharing settings in the left-hand pane


    Figure 4. Change advance sharing settings
    Change advance sharing settings



  5. Click on Private and then make sure you have the following options options enabled:


    • Network discovery

    • File and printer sharing

    • Allow Windows to manage homegroup connections



    Figure 5. Private profile settings
    Private profile settings



  6. Collapse Private and expand Guest or Public and make sure that you have the following settings turned off:


    • Network discovery

    • File and printer sharing



    Figure 6. Guest or Public profile settings
    Guest or Public profile settings



  7. When done, go back to the desktop, move your mouse to the bottom right to open the charms, then click on the Settings icon and then click on the Network icon


    Figure 7. Network settings
    Network settings



  8. Right-click on the Connected status of your network and choose Turn sharing on or off.


    Figure 8. Turn sharing on or off
    Turn sharing on or off



  9. Choose Yes, turn on sharing an connect to devices to allow your Windows to build connections in your local network.


    Figure 9. Sharing settings
    Sharing settings



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