iOS 8: Known issues

iOS 8: Known issues

iOS 8 is a great update with many new features. Unfortunately it introduces some issues affecting photo & video handling. Thesse issues are not just affecting PhotoSync, but many 3rd party applications.

Known issue:

  1. This issue has been resolved by Apple in iOS 8.0.2.
    The "Camera Roll" album is replaced with the "Recently Added". "Recently Added" only contains the photos/videos of the last 30 days. 
    If you want to access/transfer all photos, you need to make a custom album in the Photos app on your device and add all photos/videos to it.

  2. This issue has been resolved in PhotoSync 2.2.3
    When importing photos/videos from a remote service (Dropbox, NAS etc). the photos seem to correctly download and import, but do not appear in the Photo Library.

  3. This issue has been resolved in PhotoSync 2.2.3
    Transfers to Dropbox and Box fail. This is caused by the new "Photos" album in iOS 8.0.2. PhotoSync uses a translation for "Photos" that adds a leading and a trailing whitespace which causes these services to reject the transfers. You can work around this issue by opening PhotoSync settings, choose Configure > Dropbox (or Box) and disable the "Create Sub-Directories" setting. This doesn't try to create the subdirectories with the device and album name on the service and then the transfer works fine.

  4. This issue has been resolved by Apple in iOS 8.1.1 (for photos that are edited after the 8.1.1 has been installed)
    Photos, which have been edited in the iOS Photos App may be transferred in reduced size and without metadata. The original file will not be transferred, though "Apply Photo Edits" is off.

  5. When transferring photos, which have been imported as RAW+JPEG by the Camera Connection Kit, only the JPEG version is transferred.

We will provide a solution for the issue 4) and 5) in a future update. Both issues are causes by bugs in iOS 8 itself and we are investigating workarounds.

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