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How to configure the Firewall in Mac OS X?

How to configure the Firewall in Mac OS X?

How to configure the Firewall in Mac OS X?

PhotoSync Companion comes with a trusted certificate to allow incoming connections even if the OS X Firewall is running. All you have to do to ensure that it works (if it isn't working already) is to go through the following steps:

Open the Security & Privacy settings in the Mac Preferences and click the "Firewall Options..." button on the Firewall tab to open the firewall options.

Figure 1. Security settings - Firewall
Security settings - Firewall


Make sure that the "Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections" checkbox is selected. This guarantees the fully functionality of PhotoSync with the Firewall enabled.


Figure 2. Security & Privacy settings - Signed software
Security & Privacy settings - Signed software


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