PhotoSync news

PhotoSync news

2017-05-22 14:52

PhotoSync 3.2 for iOS released

Over 50 new innovative features make PhotoSync 3.2 the most powerful and versatile photo & video transfer solution on the market.


  • SMB Support
    Transfer photos & videos from / to NAS devices, Time Capsule and other devices using the SMB protocol.

  • Share Sheet Support
    Transfer photos & videos directly from other apps (e.g., Photos, Google Photos, Pixelmator and even Safari) using PhotoSync. .

  • Automatic sub-directory creation for albums
    If you assigned photos / videos to user albums, PhotoSync can now recreate this album structure on the target when you transfer from the Camera Roll / All Photos. You can activate this option in the Sub-directory settings for the transfer target. This feature also works for Quick Transfer and Autotransfer.

  • Exclude WhatsApp media
    WhatsApp photos / videos can now be excluded from the transfer. You can configure this option in the "transfer settings" of the target.

  • Transfer of edited version and original at once
    You can now transfer the edited & original version of a photo at the same time. You can configure this option in the "transfer settings" of the target.

  • Exclude favorites from „Delete after transfer“.

  • Support for OneDrive for Business.

  • Hide unused targets
    Targets can now be manually hidden. To do so open the settings, touch „Configure“, then "Edit" and tap the „Eye icon" to hide / unhide a service.

  • Improvements for custom file & directory formats
    Use the new editor for file & directory formats to create your own intuitive custom formats. We also added new format options –milliseconds and lowercase / uppercase filename extensions.

  • And a lot more...
    Support for the new Dropbox & Facebook API, SFTP now supports „diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha256" encryption, full iPv6 support, iBeacons can now be edited, a new select option „Mark selected as new“ and a smart album "Depth Effect" (iOS 10.2 and higher) have been added.


- Fixed: An Amazon Cloud Drive & OneDrive issue when only 200 items were listed and/or the directory listing would never finish
- Fixed: An issue when transferring videos to Dropbox
- Fixed: An Autotransfer issue when not all burst photos were uploaded
- Fixed: Live Photo import from remote services
- Fixed: Upload of multiple images using web sharing
- Fixed: New Authentication logic for Google Drive & Picasa / Google Photos
- Fixed: A OneDrive crash issue when no thumbnails were available

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