PhotoSync news

PhotoSync news

2015-05-05 16:49

PhotoSync 3.0 for iOS released

PhotoSync 3.0 has over 50 new features and has been completely rewritten to take advantage of iOS 8 and it’s new photo capabilities.

Here are just some of the new features:

  • Support for Amazon Cloud Drive
    You can now transfer photos & videos to Amazon Cloud Drive. PhotoSync also lets you view and download photos & videos from Amazon Cloud Drive.
  • Delete support
    Automatically delete photos & videos after transfer (activate in the transfer settings of a target). You can also delete selected photos & videos directly in PhotoSync.
  • Full support for iCloud Photo Library
    Full access to all your photos & videos in iCloud Photo Library. You can backup and move your complete iCloud Photo Library to any of the targets supported by PhotoSync. Photos & videos that are stored in iCloud only are automatically downloaded before transfer.
  • Full support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6
    PhotoSync now uses the full resolution of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ screens. For iPhone 6+ a landscape mode is also available.
  • Support for new OS X Photos App
    You can directly import photos & videos into the new OS X Photos App. You may also choose a target album or create new folders/albums directly before transfer (requires PhotoSync Companion 3.0 for Mac).
  • Powerful subdirectory creation features
    PhotoSync can now automatically create date-based subfolders, subfolders by file type (photo/video/RAW) and even subfolders with a custom defined format on the transfer target.
  • Full support for burst photos and photo & video edits
    You can now transfer all photos of a burst in one go and decide whether you prefer the edited or original version of a photo/video to be transferred (configure in transfer settings of a target).
  • Support for folders and nested structures
    PhotoSync now supports nested structures (i.e., multiple levels of folders and albums) in the Photo Library. You can also create folders/albums when transferring from a Mac/PC (requires PhotoSync Companion 3.0) or from any remote service.
  • Smart Albums
    Smart Albums (Favorites, Panoramas, Videos, Slo-Mo, Bursts etc.) can now be accessed in PhotoSync.
  • Moments
    Moments can now be accessed in PhotoSync. You can select an entire moment for transfer with one touch.
  • Screenshots
    PhotoSync now has a dedicated ‘Screenshots’ album. You can also choose to exclude ‘Screenshots’ from transfers (configure in the transfer settings of a target).
  • Advanced Display Options
    Show hidden photos in PhotoSync and arrange/hide albums in PhotoSync according to your needs.
  • Extended RAW + JPEG support
    You can choose whether you prefer only the RAW, JPEG or both versions to be transferred for RAW+JPEG photos.
  • Avoid duplicates feature
    PhotoSync can now, for many cloud services, detect duplicates and prevent the same photo/video being overwritten or transferred again (configure in settings of a transfer target).
  • Sort files on remote services by file extension
    This feature is handy if you only want to transfer certain file types (e.g. RAWs) from a remote service (e.g. FlashCard).
  • iBeacon Support for Autotransfer
    You can now use iBeacons to trigger Autotransfer (activate in Expert Settings).
  • Custom file name support
    You can now define your own filename formats.

For feature requests and comments please write to

Please do not use the review section in iTunes for support questions, as we are unable to  reply there. Please write to for any support questions.

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